Pastor/Music & Sunday School Director

Pastor & Sis. Chris Weber

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Pastor and Sis. Weber came to Lompoc to pastor the Gospel Lighthouse in January, 2012.  Pr. Weber has a degree in Electrical Engineering and pursued his field in the Air Force for six years.  After discharging from the Air Force, he further pursued Electrical Engineering until 1999 at which time he became a full time minister, entering Global Missions, UPCI.  He and Sis. Weber and their two daughters were missionaries to Brazil, South America, from 1998 - 2012.  Pr. Weber also holds a Master's degree in Theology.

Sis. Weber is a licensed minister and a Certified Public Accountant; she practices at a local CPA firm in Lompoc.  She is the music director and the Sunday school director at the Gospel Lighthouse.

  September 2020  
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